Liquidram is a name it took me a bit of time to come up with. I spent over 20 years in the US Army, and like most folks during drives to and from work, to the mall, out for food, etc, I thought about many things. I thought long and hard on a name for a domain. I came up with many, and just as quickly dismissed them. Then, one day during a drive home from Fort Bragg, I was going over computer hardware in my head. I was thinking about parts such as the CPU, RAM, and drives. One thing I daydreamed about was related to liquid cooling my system CPU, Video Card, and RAM. The thought was this – “What if we could add RAM to our systems simply by pouring liquid ram into an enclosed reservoir inside the system?” And voila! It hit me – Liquidram!

Since then, I have hosted the domain Liquidram at many different locations and have even been tempted to try it at home. Recently, I found a new permanent home for Liquidram thanks to the folks over at GKVapors. Things were different back then. For some of you young ones, we had to do some really strange things by today’s standards. Things like set jumpers on a motherboard. Choose software settings to get your CD-ROM drive to be recognized by the system. Configure 2 files – autoexec.bat and config.sys. A simple typo in either and your system would not boot or would throw errors. Oh, by the way, if you got certain settings wrong, you could fry your CPU. Yes, today it is much simpler to build your own system.