World Reef Day

Our coral reefs are in danger. In recent years, there has been a major decline of the world’s reef (40% in Hawaii and the Great Barrier Reef, 85% in the Caribbean and 99% in the Florida Keys). Much of the destruction up until now has been done by humans, and we can fix it. Today, June 1, is the first official #WorldReefDay Let’s come together and take action. 

Far Cry 5

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Far Cry 5 and to be honest it is the first game in a while I have picked up new. I usually wait for reviews from friends and family, and/or a sale. Having played for a few days, I must say I am enjoying the game. I also have to point out I am seeing some similarities to other things from real life. Hmmm…

System Security

Ever wondered what the security areas of your home or business system are? Where will an attack come from? What to do to stop it and if it succeeds, how do I recover from it? Every system is different. From the speed of the connections to the speed of the network. The hardware the system is built with. The software that runs the system. But, one area that is missed the most is the human aspect. Most times, theft of data or physical items come from within an organization.

Depending upon the type of company, there are many ways to address this issue. First and foremost, employees should have background checks. For some companies, financial checks as well. For all companies, consider job rotation, mandatory vacations, and periodic reviews of not just employees, but also the stages of work and the outcome. Data does not lie, and data is the one thing all companies today need to protect.


Netflix missing your show?

Fear not, it may still be available. Today’s Pro Tip – Netflix menus vary from device to device. Your smart TV shows certain shows. Your tablet other shows. Your phone… well you get the picture. You may find your show on only one of your devices. Simply start it on one device, then pause it and exit Netflix. Now, go to the device you want to watch it on and it should be there under “Continue Watching”.

Now here is a gem I found a few years ago. Rather than try to explain it, go ahead and give it a try. You will see what it is quickly enough – Netflix Codes